Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Cult Of Bush

Todays report by the N.Y. Times regarding the testimony of former Surgeon General Richard Carmona's testimony to a congressional panel really should scare the poop out of normal people. Administration koolaid drinkers will probably feel heartened, but what Dr. Carmona testifies he experienced as the Surgeon General of the Bush administration sounds like what we would hear from a North Korean defector.

Dr. Carmona testified under oath, so if it can be proven that he's lied in his testimony he may be subject to federal charges of perjury and contempt of Congress. Can you imagine telling tall tales about the administration under those conditions? I rather doubt it.

Carmona confirms the many other reports by scientists, and those who are nominally supposed to be guided by science in the Bush administration, of having policy based strictly upon politics.
On issue after issue, Dr. Carmona said, the administration made decisions about important public health issues based solely on political considerations, not scientific ones.

“I was told to stay away from those because we’ve already decided which way we want to go,” Dr. Carmona said.
Can you imagine the frustration of a scientist or a doctor who reaches the pinnacle of his profession in the U.S. government, only to have some political flunky advise them that they really shouldn't concern themselves on the issues they are expert in, because the policy has already been set? Also of note is how the policies under this administration invariably contradict the science. The Bush administration has entirely politicized the entire administrative branch of government. This is another example of how the Cult of Bush has taken control of the executive branch and America needs a serious intervention in order to deal with this problem. It is now up to Congress, and frankly they have not given me cause for confidence in their ability to grow spines and end this travesty.

Carmona describes having political operatives "order" him to mention President Bush three times on every page of each speech he gave while Surgeon General. Dr. Carmona also describes a report which has yet to be released after he "refused to sprinkle the report with glowing references to the efforts of the Bush administration". This seriously sounds like the stuff we used to hear about coming from the Kremlin of the old U.S.S.R.

How could any self respecting person deal with this type of enforced Bush cultism? For that matter, is there no shame from the political minders of the administration? Would not a normal person feel a sense of shame in so blatantly calling for political intervention in matters which are not in the least political. Remember, these scientists and doctors who are being imposed upon are people who are tops in their fields in the endeavor they have made their life's work. These are not your typical political proteges, fresh out of Liberty university and into the Republican machine. Dr. Carmona is a well respected medical professional. His job is to heal people and set policy based upon the best interests of a healthy nation, not to be some boot licker for President Bush.

This is the same problem which has led to the destruction of the Justice Department under President Bush. Listen to what constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley says on Countdown with Brother Olbermann:
This president, to be blunt, has ruined this institution. I have litigated against the Justice Department my whole career, but there was always respect, a mutual respect, but always respect for the institution and its body of work. It is gone. There are many people I‘ve talked to in the Justice Department who are abhorred by just what is going on there.

The loss of integrity, the politicization of the institution. It is a destruction of one of our oldest and most cherished institutions and this president did it in very fast order.
Professor Turley is hardly a left wing radical, having testified to Congress in support of the impeachment of Bill Clinton. The destruction which Turley bemoans has been due to the politicization of the Justice Department at the hands of the Cult of Bush. The wild eyed fervent young graduates of Liberty university who were installed into the high levels of the department and given the keys to hire and fire career employees were not suited to the job, except as political cronies. They now admit to crossing the line in injecting politics where career positions are concerned. These people, be they in the Justice Department or overseeing scientists at NASA, The Park Service, or the Surgeon Generals office are nothing but zealots, convinced they are doing Gods work and that George Bush is Gods hand servant on Earth. It is quite literally the Cult of Bush.

I suggest the political handlers who are forcing scientists and doctors to mention Bush in speeches and insert clauses in reports which reflect glowingly upon his leadership move to North Korea after they are booted from the White House. After this nation is rid of our dear leader, I'm certain the dear leader of North Korea could use their services.

Like Colin Powell, Carmona had the visibility to raise these issues at the time of maximum effectiveness - before he left office. Now he's unlikely to reach anyone beyond political junkies like you and me. And if he does; well, the trashing has already begun, just in case.
The loss of integrity, the politicization of the institution. It is a destruction of one of our oldest and most cherished institutions and this president did it in very fast order.
Bush and the NeoCons have ruined so much! Everything they touch turns to crap... I wish I could say that they have done something good for this country but I cannot!
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