Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mailing It In For Thursday

For my fellow bloggers who occasionally drop by, what I'm experiencing today is probably something which afflicts all bloggers every now and then. I'm fresh out of blogger inspiration. I'm just writing this post to toss a little sumpin sumpin up on a work day.

The pity of it is that there really appears to be so much to take on. It's like there is so much going on that it's overwhelmed me. Bush sounded like a goofball at his press conference today. Miers took contempt of Congress to a whole new level. Barbara Boxer said that impeachment is not off the table, because you can't just take the Constitution off the table. There really is a lot of material to post on today.

Maybe part of my problem is I've gotten just a bit hooked on a new site. Helium. It's a site where you post writing and other people judge your story compared to other stories. And if you are good enough at it you might even make some sheckels. If anyone has heard of it or has any horror stories leave me your impression in comments if you don't mind.

In the meantime... I'm gonna go back to surfing the tubes, feeling partially motivated to post on topics every now and then... but not inspired enough to actually put my mind to it and bash out a post.

I'll come back strong tomorrow!

If you can get your inspiration back after a single day, I salute you sir! Took me three weeks, as you well know. :-)

There is a lot to write on. I often wonder how we're going to get on when Bush is gone.
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