Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh yeah... read this...

Click the title to read the absolute truth about Iraq.

Then do something.

Call your Congress critter. Stand on the corner with a sign. If you don't already have a blog start one.

And remember... America has come to this point because of the Bush administration. I expect war crimes trials for the perpetuation of an unjust war which has resulted in an absolute disaster to our nation in so many ways. We must serve justice. If we sit by and avert our attention we are no better than any other nation which has allowed dictators to march them to war using patriotism and God to have their evil ways.

That article has got me a bit fired up... can you tell?

I think that we've all suspected this. Too many stories about the differing approaches commanders are taking to dealing with civilians, I suppose.

But to read it in such detail...
I call McCain on a regular basis.. (I wish I had an intelligent Congressman)
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