Friday, July 27, 2007

Truthout Has THE Goods Re Rep. Election Fraud

When I first started blogging I was a big big fan of Then Patrick Fitzgerald announced the indictment of Scooter Libby over the Plame affair, and Jason Leopold ruined Truthout for me. I remember breathlessly reading Leopolds reports each day and his repeated articles reporting that Rove would be indicted... that the announcement was going to be made any hour now, it had already happened and so on. These assertions, needless to say, did not pan out.

I started feeling like I could not trust their reporting, that the Plame affair had ruined their credibility, and I stopped relying upon them as a source.

The cold shoulder I've given Truthout may have turned considerably warmer as of today. Here is a link to a set of emails [PDF file] which Truthout has posted which prove that the Republican party was involved in extensive voter suppression in several states during the 2004 election. Note the emails describing how the Republican party hacks were worried about leaving their figurative "fingerprints" on the suppression. The courts have long kept their eye on the Republican party in particular, with orders dating back to the mid 80's which prohibit just the type of activity which Truthout now has documented proof of.

I note that one of the reporters who has uncovered the story is none other than Jason Leopold.

So I'll call this even. This story is a big one... I've frozen out Truthout for well over a year due to my disenchantment over the Plame business, but presenting exclusive documented evidence of voter suppression balances the ledger from my perspective. Readers of this blog may expect more Truthout linkage going forward, until such a time as they misreport another big story... and I will be watching for that.

Thanks for the great post. The money quote for me was from a Tim Griffin email in which he (cleverly?) claims to quote another RNC stooge, Chris P. McInenrey (I may have that last name wrong), and writes: "I can't speak to the other states, but if they don't have flagged voter rolls, we run the risk of having GOP fingerprints. . ."

Only CRIMINALS worry about leaving behind "fingerprints".

Also, in a press release, Ohio GOP Chairman Bob Bennett said "We want to ensure that voters are not disenfranchised by fraud in this election." Well, that's what he said. But, if you remove one word from the previous sentence--the word "not"--you arrive at what Bob really meant: "We want to ensure that voters ARE disenfranchised by fraud in this election."

Again, thanks for the great post. I think in '08 there will be enough alert folks and enough pissed off American voters to vote in a Democrat President and veto-proof majorities in both houses of Congress.
You should check out Jason leopold's on camera interview with Joe Wilson from last month. Or the month before. Here's the link.

Also, check out Leopold's interviews, on camera with four of the ex US attorneys. They all talk about voter fraud and Leopold does a good job, in my opinion, of getting to the bottom of the story.

Paul Charlton:

Bud Cummins:

John McKay:

David Iglesias:

The guy has been doing good work and this leads me to believe that something happened behind the scenes with Rove that was out of his control. I don't fault him and I am happy to hear you'll be linking cause they do good stuff

By the way, my name is Anthony. I don't have a blogger account and I was too tired to sign up for one so you can see my name.
You know... I really have missed Truthout to be honest. If you do a search of this blog you'll find that I used them fairly often prior to May of last year. I remember going there on a daily basis and poking through their material and always being satisfied with them as a source.

I suppose that should be a lesson of sorts for sites which hold themselves out as news sources. Maybe Jason L. did get sucked in by some nefarious doings from the Rove operation. If that proves to be the case then I will feel badly for him. But whatever happened sure did shake my faith in that site, and to be honest I will be a bit wary of just single sourcing from them if they don't have the proof.

Regardless, I'm happy to start using them again. And thank you 2 for posting comments, I do appreciate it.
"Whitewell" must be brought to account for this as well. He, more than anyone, ensured that Ohio gave its EV count to the monkey. That makes Kenny boy as guilty of war crimes and any other Chimpy felonies post-2004 as Chimpy himself. IMHO.
Re:"The Plame Game"....erm told ya so. :P

I blame it on wishful thinking myself.

Thanks for raising up issues on voter fraud. Mostly I poopoo Dem accusations. Often it is trumped up and they do the same thing. Also,more DEAD people vote for Democrats than any other party.

That said, even before this, I felt it was too likely that some Republicans are guilty of this type of thing as well.

More than anything we have to make sure our votes count. Otherwise we have no say in our government which begs the question as to who does. So raising legitimate fraud concerns is a good thing. Gotta keep'em much as we can.
Hey Britt... Long time now see :) Nice to have you pop in!
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