Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Adding My Pipsqueak Warble To The Choir Of Lefties

Ever since last Saturday the entire lefty blogosphere has been in full cry at the FISA amendments passed by Congress and signed by President Bush. This post is my attempt to add a tiny amount of volume to the chorus of dismay.

I'm not mad at "Democrats". I'm mad at the spineless Democrats who continuously vote for the wrong headed laws which President Bush insists he must have. These are the Democrats who knuckled under when Bush wanted another blank check which funded more troops in Iraq than were there when the Democrats took control of Congress.

I think the Democratic party needs the same shake up that Congress received in 2006. We need to dump the people who have enabled Bush in shepherding this nation into quagmire and looming dictatorship. In the 2006 midterms the targets were Republicans. In 2008 I would love to see Democrats in Congress who routinely vote to support Bush policies challenged by primary opponents who make an issue of those votes.

I frankly do not understand the timidity of these knuckle under Dems. The President's approval rating is in the upper 20's, the Republicans have been booted from office and Congressional approval under Democratic leadership is plummeting BECAUSE they won't stop Bush. Get a clue folks! The Republicans were not washed out of office by a tidal wave of satisfaction with Bush policies. It is your JOB to fight this abomination of a President. That is what you were elected to do!

The FISA fix is one of the worst capitulations in the history of politics. Dealing from a position of enormous strength, with the populace clearly wanting the President checked the Democrats surrendered. Facing down a President with unpopularity that has not been matched by any other President except Richard Nixon in the final week of his Presidency, over a program which is blatantly unconstitutional and illegal, the spineless Democrats caved in! WHY?! Because they were scared that another terrorist attack might happen and they would be tarred. Even though 9/11 happened on Bush's watch, Democrats are scared he will bad mouth them.

What it really comes down to is that a sizable group of Congressional Democrats truly are spineless wimps who can't bear the thought of Republicans smearing them... even though that is what Republicans do time and again regardless of the lack of factual basis in the smear.

Let me wrap this up with the acknowledgement that this does not apply to all Democrats by a long shot. Most Democrats voted against the FISA fix. Most Democrats voted against the blank check for continuing the Iraq war. Most Democrats are doing their best to fight back, but they can't get past the Republicans allied with the spineless Dems.

This is a theme people who see things like me should make a rallying cry in the upcoming primary. Do not vote for a spineless Democrat.

P.S. Oregon Republican Gordon Smith voted to pass the law. Senator Ron Wyden voted nay. Smith may want to portray himself as the maverick Republican by making noise against the Iraq war, but it is votes like this that demonstrate why he needs to be replaced. Smith knows being tied to Bush in 2008 is the death knell for his Senate seat so he desperately would like to be perceived as independent from the Republican machine. But votes like this are the true measure of Smith, and as is typical he has voted to support Bush yet again.

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