Friday, August 03, 2007

Congress Should Pass The Fix And Dare Bush To Veto

It may be to late for anything but the shouting, but I must admit that I am a bit bemused at the flurry of activity over the FISA law.

Both sides of the aisle agree that there is a fix that needs to be legislated for the FISA law. The major hold up seems to be the Bush administration insisting that Alberto Gonzales be their pointman on the issue.

Why doesn't the Democratic leadership of Congress simply mark up a bill which gives the sole authority for administrative oversight of the fix to the head of national intelligence Mike McConnel? Sunset the law and insure vigorous oversight by Congress going forward.

I find it hard to concieve of Republicans in Congress stonewalling this fix based upon sustaining Alberto Gonzales. So Would the President actually veto that bill? Hard to say, but if he did it would then be his obstructionism in support of a widely villified and disgraced Attorney General that stopped a much needed law from going into effect.

Just pass the fix cutting Gonzo from the loop and let the Republicans stop that fix if they dare. Stopping necessary national security legislation to give support for Alberto Gonzales would be such a silly course of action to take, so maybe it's exactly what the Republicans would do.

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