Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fred Thompson Is A Gucci Loafer Wearing Doof

I don't know about you folks, but it really drives me up a wall to hear someone use the following (paraphrased) logic: "America needs to unify in order to deal most effectively with this or that issue. So if you disagree with my position on this or that issue you are a doofus".

To be sure, the term doofus is only rarely invoked by whom so ever uses this logic, but the meaning could not be plainer. The latest example of this irksome logic is courtesy of Fred Thompson as he addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Here is how CNN reported Thompson's speech:
Calling terrorism "a global threat" to the United States, Thompson pointed out that he thought the United States was at a crossroads and told the veterans "it's time that we had a frank discussion in this country at the highest levels with both parties as to what it's going to take and the unity we're going to need" to battle terror.

Thompson also faulted those calling for a troop withdrawal from Iraq, saying it would hurt the overall fight against terrorism.

"Some people in this country apparently think that if we can pull out of Iraq, our problems are going to be over. You and I know better than that. We know that Iraq is an important front in this war," Fred Thompson said to an audience of combat veterans on Tuesday.
Indeed, it is time to have a frank discussion Mr. Thompson. Frankly it is time that the extremists running the Republican party come to grips with the facts that are well understood by a growing majority of the American people. Frankly Mr. Thompson, the Iraq war is a mistaken endeavor. Frankly this war is harming our interests on the world stage. Frankly Mr. Thompson, the Iraq war has proven a huge boon to the very people who attacked us on 9/11. Frankly, the winnner of the war in Iraq is Iran. Yes... let us be frank with each other Mr. Thompson. Frankly your position is wrong headed, divisive and widely recognized as foolish. Frankly I could continue with these widely understood rebuttals of Republican pro-Iraq war talking points ad infinitum, but the overall point is this. Frankly Mr. Thompson, you and the Republican machine are flat out wrong about Iraq, and we the people know it.

Now I understand Thompson has to hold this seemingly hopelessly ignorant position on Iraq in order to have any hope of winning the Republican nomination for President. That is because the Republican party is widely dominated by people who only get their "news" from Fox and right wing talk radio, and having to win the votes of that crowd while appearing rational would be nigh on impossible. But I wish Thompson would please do the rest of the nation the favor of not pretending that he wishes to unify America behind such nonsense.

If Thompson really wants to unify the nation he will try to use his meager influence in the public sphere to try to bring the administration die hards around to see things with a bit of objectivity.

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