Friday, August 10, 2007

Friks Top Ten Takes On Republican Purple Fingers

Raw Story is reporting on the decision by the Republican party to have voters in the upcoming Ames straw poll dip their thumbs in the same brand of indelible ink as the Iraqi's did during the 2005 national election in Iraq. Note that the ink being used is provided by a Canadian manufacturer.

The more I thought about this story, the more I realized there were several observations I had on this ploy which I would love to share with the world. So without further ado, here are bhfrik's top ten observations on the Republicans use of indelible ink in the Ames Straw Poll.

10: What do the Republicans have against American ink manufacturers anyway?
9: To really draw a parallel between Ames and Baghdad lets have the voters run a gauntlet of snipers and car bombs to get to the polls.
8: This is a GREAT idea for Republicans nationwide. That way the rest of us know who to point and laugh at.
7: The most appropriate symbology Republicans could give for what they've done to America and Iraq would be to dye and then prominently display their middle fingers.
6: I'm confused... Does this mean the Iowa Republicans are predominantly Kurdish, Shiite or Sunni?
5: Just wow... now the brain dead Republicans actually want to remind America about Iraq?
4: After voting, run to your fav campaign headquarters and join the Giuliani-Romney militia-deathsquad!
3: Purple? Why do Republicans hate Red White and Blue?!
2: With Ames being deluged by Republicans, having them dye their fingers should make it easier for the Ames Police Department to solve most of the cases in this weekends crime wave.
And Friks number one observation on Republican purple fingers in this weekends Ames Straw poll is... *** drumroll***
1: Now gung ho Republicans show support for the Iraq war by... staining a finger. Will they ever show support by signing up and actually fighting over there?

Great points on all!
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