Friday, August 24, 2007

Top Ten Actions Warner Will Take To Support W...ithdrawal

The big news yesterday was that John Warner has called for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq to begin no later than this December.

After last years trouncing of Republicans in the midterm elections it became very fashionable for Republicans facing election in the next campaign to suddenly discover how wrong headed the President is regarding Iraq. Yet when it was time to actually vote on timetables and funding, those same Republicans always seem to find cause to vote to support the Presidents policies.

Now maybe Warner will set a different example than the other member of his caucus who have seen the light on Iraq. But with the typical pattern in mind I will now give my top ten list of actions which Republican Senator John Warner will take, now that he wants troop withdrawals. Unfortunately, based upon past Republican history, Warner voting against the President will not make the list.

10:Warner will go on Fox News and talk about illegal immigration for 4 1/2 minutes, the Presidential campaign for 3 minutes, Iran for 2 1/4 minutes and the need for withdrawal from Iraq for 12 seconds.
9: Warner will push to withdraw the troops from Iraq and deploy them to Iran.
8: Warner will post an anonymous comment on a random blog detailing why he thinks withdrawal is the way to go.
7: Warner will retire in disgust, and then enthusiastically support the Republican running to replace him despite that candidate being more of a hawk than Rush Limbaugh.
6: Warner will release a dove bearing an olive branch from a Virginia mountaintop (which will promptly be attacked and eaten alive by the starving eagle which administration ne'er do wells will release near by).
5: Warner will have a peace symbol tattooed on a butt cheek.
4: Warner will debate a loud mouthed right wing koolaid drinker on Hardball... in which debate Warner will be given a 30 second opening statement and then cede the remaining 5 minutes of the segment to the filibustering right wing freakazoid.
3: Warner will have a talk with the President, after which he will be well prepared for conversation with a fence post.
2: Whenever he drives past war protesters, Warner will honk in support.
And the number one action John Warner will take to support withdrawing the troops from Iraq is (and this is not a joke):
1: Warner will cosponsor a bill with timetables for withdrawal, but will not vote for cloture in order to break the filibuster of his own party.

I seriously doubt #5. Warner cannot stand pain, so unless he is totally inebriated on the kool-aid, the tattoo is definately out.
Just like Dan Quayle didn't know JFK or should compare himself, You guys DON'T KNOW John Warner. All you know is that he has predominantly voted with the Republican Party. What do you expect? He might be a "Blue Blood Republican" and he might at times excercise some independence but, he IS a Republican and not an Al Gore Democrat. You giving him no credit shows how little you know about him.

I live in Virginia. You live where?I voted for Warner and I voted for Democrat Jim Webb. Before the Republicans started chugging the Kool-aid, I voted for Allen every chance I got. When things went stupid....I voted my anger and voted for Webb.

For a long time Warner has not been afraid to voice difference with the President. I differ from you in that I thought we should go into Iraq and like Warner probably, I think Bush screwed things up and the missions of securing Iraq free from WMDs and toppling Saddam have been taken care of anyway. It is time to start getting out. At least take a move in the right direction.

You criticize his voting record but give his outspoken views no credit. Go tell your lib congress buddies to go against the grain with Speaker Pelosi and then measure their testicular fortitude. The likely reality is not only will they vote her way but, their noses will be a dark brown.

Given Warner's tenure in the Navy Secretariat, his rankings in the Armed Service Committee(former chair), Senate Intelligence Committee etc. etc., Warner is in the position to go against the grain and stay standing. Even with his age and eventual retirement giving him possible courage, you have no clue obviously what kind poo you step in as a Republican when you go against the President in any fashion. It is hard to show courage and even speak when everyone else is rubberstamping so they don't get made an example of.

You disagree with him? Fine. He votes like a Republican(which he happens to be) and you don't like that? Fine. What you are doing is making the Perfect the enemy of the good. Your time would be better spent focused on the Repbulicans that are still "Stoned" on the Kool-aid and continue to maintain that nothing ever went wrong. Alberto "Destoyer of Civil Liberties" resigned. Be happy of that. Focus on the other wingnuts that are still publicly kissing butt.

If you think that bashing Warner for not towing YOUR political line is time worthy then you can't see the forest for the trees. Warner is one of the few that will point out that Emperor Bush is wearing no clothes and you criticize him?

I'm depending on the Democrats to remain sensible long enough to put a true scare into the Republican powers that be. I usually vote Republican but, voted for Democrat Webb. Why do you think that is? Something was wrong and the Pubs needed a beat down. Please remain clearheaded long enough that the Dems make a few more gains? Make the Pubs wonder how on earth they lost power please?
A couple of points on this Britt.

First: In my post I do allow for the possibility that Warner will break the mold we have seen from previous R's who see the light on Iraq. In fact this list is more a reflection on the previous record of such Republicans than on Warner in particular. If he see's fit to put teeth to his conviction in the form of votes, by golly I'll be more than happy to acknowlege that and feel good doing it.

Next... going to the wrong headed voting record of Dems isn't really a very effective tack from my point of view. I'll be the first to rail on the spineless Democrats in Congress. Afraid of what might happen if they don't codify lawlessness by the Bush adminsitration. Afraid of being perceived as against the troops if they don't vote to put timelines in funding, or don't vote to send the same bill back once it's vetoed. There are plenty of problems I have with my parties behavior in Congress right now, and I have not been shy on expressing these differences... so you are kind of preaching to the choir on that score.

Finally, thank you for the comment... It's good seeing you around lately :)
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