Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rush, The Pilonidal Cyst Poster Boy Said What?!

You just had to know, with the rights unbroken string of attacks on military hero's who do not agree with their politics dating back to the smearing of McCain in South Carolina, that the next example would happen any day now. Well here it is, courtesy of Rush Limbaugh.

Remember, it is Rush Limbaugh who is being credited with originally making the pun on the name of Petraeus. Check out this Jan 29th article describing Limbaughs referencing of Senator Hagel as Senator Betrayus, "a dittohead derivation of the name of Gen. David Petraeus".

Rush has gone and done it again, today telling a caller that service members serving in Iraq who publicly express the opinion that the United States should end the occupation are "the phony soldiers".

Rush Limbaugh has a singularly cowardly record regarding military service, being exempted from the draft during the Vietnam war for having a pilonidal cyst. (Pilonidal cyst is proper medical terminology for having a boil on the butt, and no I'm not making that up... I'm not that creative!). Somehow that butt boil doesn't keep him from sitting on it all day and smearing military members who don't see things his way!

Consider the fact that two of the seven members of the 82nd Airborne who wrote a widely publicized Op Ed calling for the withdrawal of our forces have been killed in Iraq since they expressed themselves. Another of those members was shot in the head after writing the Op Ed and is expected to survive. How dare Rush Limbaugh, Mr. Butt Boil Deferment Right Wing Chicken Hawk, call those dead and maimed hero's "phony soldiers". It really boggles the mind!

You're 100% right in saying Limbaugh is a drug-addled chicken hawk (I added the drug-addled part) who is still trying to live down his cowardice during the Vietnam war. My only hope is that most people see through his act and that his army of mindless dittoheads is dwindling.

More and more often I see bumper-stickers that read: "Another Veteran Against the Iraq War." The last time I saw one, I pointed it out to my wife and said, "I want one for my car." (I'm a veteran--not of the Iraq War--but I served in the US Navy from 96-00) The only thing I'd change on the sticker is to make it read "Another Veteran Against the Iraq Occupation." I guess this makes me a "phony soldier" (sailor) too.

I think there's a lot of men and women in uniform who are against the Iraq occupation--in fact I'm sure military times (THE must-read newspaper for the military) had a poll last year that said something like 60-70% want an immediate withdrawal. Unfortunately, we have a President and VP who don't give a shit about anything but making more money for their crowd.

I also can't help but notice that for every 1 group of pro-victory/pro-war vets there's 10 groups of anti-Iraq war vets.

Back to Limbaugh: I'd love to call in to his show and rip him a new one, but I hear he screens his calls ultra-cautiously. I know on a post on my blog you mentioned listening to/calling in to right-wing talk radio in the 90's, have you tried calling in--or ever got on Rush's show?
I never tried calling Limbaugh. I used to call Art Bell back in the late 80's & early 90's and also some local talk shows but thats about the extent of it. I did manage to reach Michael Savage once when a local affiliate started carrying his show and that was alot of fun.

But lately the only talk radio I listen to is Air America driving to and from work.
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