Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Talk Like A Pirate: Friks Top Ten Pirate Presidential Quotes

Today is Talk Like A Pirate day. Unfortunately I'm a fat slothful land locked bald headed freak a zoid... so my piratical utterances aren't quite up to par. That said, here are my top ten most famous Presidential quotes, if the President who spoke the quote had been a pirate captain!

10:Captain Kennedy: Ask not what yer ship can do fer ye, ask what ye can do fer yer ship!
9: Capt. Bush Jr.: Th' Brits be sayin' Capt'n Saddam Hussien just now plundered a haul of Uranium from Treasure Island.
8: Capt. T. Roosevelt: mutter, and hoist a cudgel
7: Capt. Bush Sr.: Read (or have a schooled matey read) me lips, no new plunder.
6: Capt. Truman: Th' dubloon halts here
5: Captain Reagan: Capt'n Garrbachev, Tear down this bulkhead!
4: Captain F. Roosevelt: Th' only thing thar be to fear, be... fear itself!
3: Captain Clinton: I did'nae boff that wench, Dame Lewinski
2: Captain Lincoln: Far scar and seven years ago, our sires whelped a new crew in this neck o' th' woods.
1: Capt. Nixon: I am not a crook. (Be it here noted that Nixon WAS a pirate so thar be no need to change 'is words to make 'im more piratical.)

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Head out on the highway! Lookin' for adventure! Booorn to be wiiiiiiiiiild!

Love the pirates, Carrie, and the kitties! Here's my website in case you'd like to visit:
www.myspace.com/kindnessisstrength I still say we should all have margaritas one sunny afternoon.

As a person who just happened to be born into the International Brotherhood of Peruvian Shoelace Basket Weavers I can tell you, we wouldn't invite Giuliani to give a speech. We deplore the boob.

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