Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thank you Speaker Pelosi...

We are witness to plenty of lefty discontent with the state of affairs in the Democratically controlled Congress, particularly regarding the seeming lack of spines when facing down President Bush.

So I think it is appropriate to give a little credit when Congressional leadership stands up to the President. For that reason let me use my pipsqueak voice from this obscure little blog (which has been the platform for several previous attacks on "spineless" Congressional Democrats in the past mind you) to give Speaker Pelosi some praise.

When Congressional leadership met with President Bush and he pronounced that he was going to plan some redeployment of troops from Iraq, Speaker Pelosi cut him off with the following quote: “No you’re not, Mr. President, you’re just going back to the presurge level.”

Well done Nancy. I can only imagine how awkward that must have felt, but Speaker Pelosi deserves a round of applause from the lefty choir for standing up and making sure the President wasn't going to get away with spouting his typical factually challenged obfuscations while there were grown ups in the room.

It's really too bad that the Speaker could not stand next to the President at tonights speech and occassionally cut him off to give a rebuttal in real time.

Methinks she has developed a vertebra, but does it add up to a spine? No...I don't think so.
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