Monday, October 01, 2007

Clinton Reverses Tried And True Clinton Republicanism

How many times have you heard Republicans, backed into a logical corner, resort to the argument "well, Clinton did it too". In fact Seymore Hersch is reporting that the White House is going to justify attacking Iran by pointing to Clinton's attacks on Sudan and Afghanistan as examples of Clinton doing it too.

Well there is one issue which keeps coming up whenever Bill or Hillary take questions from the media. Public disclosure of contributors to the Clinton Library and foundation. Evidently Bill has taken the Republican rhetorical switcharoo to heart and is now saying that Republicans who have funded his library are the reason he will not disclose contributors. He's just doing the Republicans a favor here folks: Here is Clinton on Meet The Press.
"[A] lot of Republicans have supported me, and I don’t want it to cause them embarrassment or the candidates they are supporting embarrassment in a Republican primary."
Get that? Clinton will not disclose the donors because he is looking out for the best interests of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination. He is really doing Giuliani a favor here. Mitt Romney should be thankful! I'm certain John McCain is breathing a sigh of relief here.

You might detect a slight whiff of sarcasm in the tone of this post, and just let me validate that perception. But the sarcasm here is not directed at Bill Clinton. It is at the Republicans! I really love how Clinton is blaming Republicans for him not releasing the donors list. What a fantastic twist on the continual harping of Republicans on Bill Clinton. If only they would not be so vindictive and hateful when it comes to Clinton, he could release this information, but since it would harm any Republican who was on the list, Clinton has to keep it a secret.

Frankly, you know what Clinton is saying here is true. Republicans have such a deepset hatred of the Clintons that a Republican who is shown to have given to the Clinton Library would suffer severe damage to their career. So until the right wing haters grow up a little, Bill will just have to keep the list a secret.

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