Thursday, October 11, 2007

Clinton V Bush: For Rep Candidates It's A Clinton Landslide

I stumbled over this little tidbit at Taegan Goddard's Political Wire who forwarded it from the LA Times. In Tuesday evenings Republican debate:
"The panel of questioners made direct mention of President Bush (or the "Bush administration") seven times... Yet in their responses, Bush's name did not escape the lips of any of the candidates with even a ghost of a chance of capturing the Republican nomination. And this omission occurred over two hours -- longer than the usual 90-minute face-offs."
That little tid bit brought to mind the headline that's been front and center at the Huffington post, which is a quote from Hillary Clinton: "It's Kind Of Nice To Have All These Men Obsessed With You"

So I ran a quick control F search of the debate transcript and found six occasions in which the candidates mentioned Clinton. This does not include the several times when Giuliani was educating Romney on the line item veto battle, when President Bill Clinton was referenced... in the context of Giuliani being one of the only Republicans to ever defeat Clinton, even if it was just in court.

But just searching for Clinton does not give the full picture. Search for Hillary and you'll find another five examples of the Republicans referencing Senator Clinton by her first name alone... with "Hillary care" being a favorite line. That makes a total of eleven times the Republican front runners mentioned Hillary Clinton, or some permutation there of.

Even Ronald Reagan received less attention than Senator Clinton. Reagan was only mentioned three times by one of the front runners.

I would really love to see the results of a poll pitting Senator Clinton's nationwide popularity vs. George Bush's. Is there any doubt that Hillary would win that popularity contest in a landslide? No wonder the Republicans are dropping her name every chance they see.

It speaks volumes about the sorry state of Republican party politics when they have to develop amnesia about the current President of the United States, and the huge issue from their perspective is Hillary.

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