Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cubicle Blogging Tuesday

Following are my quick hit takes on anything capturing my attention since I went home last night.

1st, I thought this segment on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, in which he demonstrates the best way to combat O'Reilly bots who try to ambush interview people who disagree with O'Reilly, was quite simply HILARIOUS! Warning (for any lefty readers who have not seen this segment yet): Do Not Watch While Drinking Anything, Or Be Prepared To Clean Up Your Spit Takes.

2nd: Seymour Hersh is doing his best to scare the poop out of rational folk, reporting that the Bush administration really Really REALLY wants to go to war with Iran. The initial rationale was to stop Iran's nuclear development, but the administration now thinks they can gin up support domestically and internationally for targeted strikes at the Iranian military in the name of stopping the flow of arms to Iraq. If Hersh is accurate about this, there are a couple of points about it from my perspective. This administration obviously has not learned any lesson from Iraq. This nation should only go to war when the reason is clear. We have seen the rationale for the war in Iraq change repeatedly over the years, and we still find ourselves neck deep in quagmire... where we are now fighting for stability! Think about that: fighting for stability. That term is nearly the definition of an oxymoron. It's like putting something in the freezer to warm it up. It just seems like deja vu: this administration is already shifting rationale to hit Iran, and we haven't even started bombing them yet!

Here's another question we need to ask. What does the endgame look like if we poke the Iranian hornet nest? Do NOT give me this blather about the Iranian people rising up and democracy flowering in the Middle East either. We've heard that line and it somehow rings hollow. Frankly there is no greater damage America could do to the Iranian opposition than commence bombing Iran. So what is the endgame... or is there an endgame? (For that matter what is the endgame in Iraq? Has there ever been an endgame or are we just supposed to accept that we will be stuck in a perpetual insurgency in the middle east with no end in sight?)

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