Friday, October 05, 2007

Matthews Shills Lifes A Campaign, And Frik Plays Along

Chris Matthews has written a book called Lifes A Campaign (with a subtitle that is virtually a paragraph).

Matthews has to make the obligatory rounds ginning up interest in his book, and I think he has used a tactic to raise his profile which he most likely learned from Ann Coulter. That lesson is: when you pitch your book stir up some controversy in order to pique some interest.

How else could you explain that after 6.5 years of this administration, Matthews made waves last night by declaring that the Bush administration had "finally been caught in their criminality".

Newsflash! The Bush administration was caught in criminality in 2002, when the first stories about the torture of detainees were released.

One of the worst examples of administration lawlessness was given in 2005, when the N.Y. Times broke the NSA wiretapping story... after holding it for a year in order to not influence the 2004 election. Not only was the administration caught in criminality, but the President defiantly proclaimed his intention to continue breaking the law going forward!

So I think we can deduce why Matthews is just now making noise about the Bush administrations criminality. Just Google up "Matthews Bush finally caught" and see for yourself. Matthews is stirring up controversy to get his name out there and sell some books.

I suppose it has probably worked for him. After all look at what this very post is about. I'll join that list of hundreds of thousands of sites which Google links to if you search for the quote. Not only that but I've linked to his Amazon page! But sadly for him, the chances of his book getting any hits from this obscure little blog are precisely... zilch!

To be honest, I must admit that I half heartedly like Matthews. There are times I want to throw a brick through the T.V. when I'm watching him, and times I actually appreciate a line of questioning he takes on a guest. Of all the serious news programs which I inflict upon my wife, (Hardball is in the rotation, each weeknight at midnight pacific) Matthews is her favorite host. She even likes his hearty laugh... or guffaw... or whatever that is.

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