Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Cublicle Blogging

Following are my quick hit takes on whats making the news today

John McCain told Beliefnet that he would prefer to have a Christian as President, and that the Constitution established the United States as a Christian nation. If there is anything patently obvious from the disastrous reign of President Bush, it is that the religion of the candidate really has very little to do with the job they would do as President. In fact a President who is cocksure of his own policy, because of their belief that God is on their side and guiding that policy no matter how wrong headed those policies are proven when instituted, can be obstinate in continuing a disastrous course, even when it is clear to the rest of the world that they are mistaken. We need to elect the person best suited to leading America, not the candidate who most loudly proclaims their religious purity. That person is who Jesus warned us about when he excoriated the hypocrites who make a very public display of their holiness, praying loudly in the temple and then going home and leading sin filled lives. (Matthew 6, 5-6)

Also the notion that the constitution founded America as a Christian nation is honestly mystifying from my perspective. Christianity does not manifest itself in democratic ways. This reminds me of the people who proclaim that our constitution is based upon the 10 commandments. To which I reply that at least 8 of the commandments are specifically unconstitutional. Only a federal prohibition on murder and stealing would pass constitutional muster. Lets see what happens when Congress tries to pass a law against "coveting" either your neighbors wife or property. How long would a federal law mandating that we honor our parents survive in court? Or a law which made everyone recognize only one God... or even a law against lying. Perjury laws do not mean that someone taking the oath to tell the whole truth is forever prohibited from ever lying for the rest of their lives. In fact the oath taker may leave the court room and lie repeatedly about the very issue they swore to tell the truth about in court. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if every "false witness" told by the American people were determined to be illegal on a constitutional basis. It may be a great idea to observe the sabbath, but the notion that the Federal government would ever pass a law, based upon the Constitution, is patently absurd. In fact I don't have any qualms whatsoever in proclaiming that the ten commandments are fundamentally opposed by the United States Constitution.

Wow... that quick hit take on went on forever!

The coalition of the willing, the list of nations which are contributing to the occupation of Iraq, lost another member today. Oddly enough, not only did the coalition lose a member, but the singular applies to the amount of men who were lost as a result of Iceland pulling their contribution from the coalition. The sole representative to Iraq from Iceland, a press aide, has been called home. But let us not forget the invaluable contribution and long suffering patience of our Icelandic bretheren in arms as they stood soldier to shoulder with us in beating back the Islamofascist hordes, intent upon ending our beneficent rule in Iraq. Without them aiding us we never could have come this far!

Vladamir Putin (my wife goes into a giggle fit whenever she hears that name) seems to have hit upon a novel solution to the conundrum of how to retain his hold on power, even as he leaves Russia's Presidency. The answer is to run for Parliament as the candidate from the largest voting bloc, and then become Prime Minister. Which I think would be a BRILLIANT tactic for President Bush. There isn't anything which would keep him from running as the Vice Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket. So I DARE the top tier Republicans who seem to be so enthralled with Bush's policies as they campaign for the Republican nomination to promise to have Bush on the ticket as Vice President. Then Bush could carry on in the vein of Dick Cheney! Vladimir Putin has solved the delema for my Republican friends, and I strongly encourage them to follow Putin's lead. Four more years! Four more years!

Harry Reid took to the Senate floor and gave Rush Limbaugh both barrels over Rush's idiotic belief that soldiers who disagree with him about Iraq are "phony soldiers". In return Rush dared Reid to say it to his face. I would like to point out to Rush that it would be in his best interest that Reid not do that... because Reid has been trained as a boxer, worked as a capitol hill police officer, was the target of a car bombing by the mob which he survived, and (here's my personal favorite) tried to strangle a guy who tried to bribe him. Rush is a loudmouthed blowhard who received multiple deferments to stay out of the Vietnam war, and couldn't fight his fat butt out of a wet paper bag. Reid would hand Rush's fat head to him if Rush started something, and that's all there is to it. Ask me who I think would pose more of a threat... Rush Limbaugh getting all uppity or the mob putting a contract on you?

This nation was not founded upon Christianity or the ten commandments or the Bible. But it was founded upon a belief in God and upon religious tolerance. Atheists and Muslims have been opposing religious freedom lately, so I would prefer a Christian president, generally speaking.

Now I know you think that atheists are pro-freedom. But they want to remove crosses from public land, take God out of the Pledge, prohibit prayer in school, etc. I think any worship of God should be allowed. If someone feels bad because they don't want to participate, they need to learn tolerance.

The Declaration of Independence shows that this nation was founded upon a belief in God.
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