Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Conservative Authors Schooled On Laissez-faire Economics

The NY Times has an irony laced article on a lawsuit by several big name conservative authors against Regenery Publishing.

Regenery is an outfit which peddles Conservative authors exclusively. Evidently the authors are getting ripped off because Regenery takes these books and gives them to other Regnery outfits at steep discounts, causing the authors to take a bath in their profit margin. I just love the following quote by Richard Minitier, author of “Shadow War: The Untold Story of How Bush Is Winning the War on Terror.”:
Mr. Miniter said that meant that although he received about $4.25 a copy when his books sold in a bookstore or through an online retailer, he only earned about 10 cents a copy when his books sold through the Conservative Book Club or other Eagle-owned channels. “The difference between 10 cents and $4.25 is pretty large when you multiply it by 20,000 to 30,000 books,” Mr. Miniter said. “It suddenly occurred to us that Regnery is making collectively jillions of dollars off of us and paying us a pittance.” He added: “Why is Regnery acting like a Marxist cartoon of a capitalist company?”
It seems to me that Minitier has it precisely backwards. Regenery is trying to make the largest profit they can, by hook and by crook, for their company. Regenery is simply living by the philosophy taken by Minitier and the rest of his ilk whenever they expound on economics in general. The haves have more and the have nots keep having not. Minitier should consider himself blessed that he is being given a dime for each book Regenery launders through their conservative echo chamber... After all if Regenery were to follow the economic model supported by their authors, those authors would be given subsistence wages and their taxes increased in order to lower the taxes on Regenery's wealthy executive officers.

Of course I do not agree with the economic view taken by the modern day conservative, so I would like to applaud the effort by Minitier and his gang of starving authors to destroy the laissez faire economic model being forwarded by Regenery, by dragging their butts into Federal court! It is just amazing how quickly Conservatives turn their view of the Federal Government around when they are the ones having their pockets emptied or their bodies ruined by some corporation.

Why does this remind me of that lion of the right, Robert Bork... longtime proponent of tort reform in order to protect business interests, suing the Yale Club because he toppled over and bruised his leg while trying to step onto their dais in order to give a speech. He is suing them for one million dollars because he hit his noggin and suffered a "large hematoma" in his leg. That's right, a bump on the head and a bruise on the leg is worth one million bucks to Judge Bork, but he doesn't think you or I should be allowed to have our day in court to sue for that type of justice. Now I realize he claims to have had surgery and been in excruciating pain for months on end, but he is the freaking paragon of conservative judicial virtue whose entire thought process on his own type of law suit stands in direct contrast to his own law suit!

So let us raise our glasses and toast the group of starving conservative authors who recognize the worthiness of the Federal government in protecting their financial interests against their corporate overlords, Regenery. I wish them the best of luck in their endeavor, but I do pray that this gives them pause the next time they are thinking about writing some conservative hit piece on the economic interests of the little guy who is trying to get a fair shake out of the wealthy corporations.

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