Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ERROR, ERROR, Does... NotCompute **ztt..crackle**

This is a mail it in post about the shock of returning to regular life after nearly two weeks on vacation.

My definition of vacation is trying my best to emulate the examples of lethargy provided by my two cats. But I go an extra step by not being physically active, batting at floss or sparring with the other human in the house during the hour or two when I am stirred from passivity. Also, my work involves looking at a computer monitor all day, so another aspect of a successful vacation from my perspective is staying offline.

I'm not one of those happy folks who love their job and have to be forced to take time off... So this morning when I rolled out of bed, I faced the coming day with a sense of depression and angst. This may have been a self fullfilling prophecy, but the first day back at work has been just what I expected. *sigh* I have this logy, brain dead bewildered wish I were anywhere but here feeling. This must be what a robot that is about to fritz out must feel like... assuming there are robots who feel like anything at all!

I am really shocked at the difference when it comes to news gathering while staying offline. Being on vacation did not mean that I lost interest in the news. But staying off the computer led to me gathering information from daytime cable news. The focus of these channels these days is largely on the horserace for the Presidential nominations. I believe this dynamic favors the Republicans, who must be relieved that the focus is shifting from the disastrous Bush Presidency to election year horserace politics.

Another favor for Republicans when it comes to this coverage is that the Democrats have a real dogfight developing between their candidates. The Republican race isn't over by a long shot, but it appears to me that they are taking the road to the nomination by savaging Senator Clinton rather than each other. Which leads to Clinton taking it from all sides. If she manages to get the nomination after all this there can be no doubt that she is one tough cookie.

On the home front politically, I note a marked increase in support from my Libertarian conservative wife in favor of Barack Obama. My wife is actually considering registering as a democrat in order to be able to vote for him in the Oregon primary... which would really be a siesmic shift in her political life. Just on the most personal level I must say that this appeal by Senator Obama to someone who would not typically consider voting for a Democrat makes Obama look pretty strong. Plus it would be novel to find myself agreeing with my wife on a political matter which makes Obama even more appealing from my perspective.

That said, Senator Clinton is being taken on by every one else with a chance to win the nomination from either party. With that much fire being directed at her I actually find myself rooting for Clinton as the underdog despite her lead in the polls. It's like she's in a cage match with five or six opponents all focused on taking her down, and I think I would be satisfied by seeing her knock them out one by one and come out on top. But my domestic tranquility will be sorely tested if Senator Clinton gets the nomination... and I'm not looking forward to that.

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