Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Take On The Robertson/Giuliani Kerfuffle

Most of the opinions I've heard about the Pat Robertson endorsement of Rudy Giuliani have focused on how it can be that Giuliani would associate himself with a man who had once declared that it was America's fault that we were attacked on 9/11. This question is entirely valid, and one suspects that Giuliani would be hard pressed to give a coherent answer if some enterprising reporter were to put the question to him.

But I am more interested in what this endorsement says about Pat Robertson. I mean the entire world knows that Giuliani is a waffling, say anything to get the nomination, Pinocchio wannabe, but what is Robertson? Until this endorsement he was a reliably right wing reactionary Christianist who made the news every couple of months with some nutty pronouncement.

I find it particularly ironic that Robertson noted how "Giuliani stood tall as his city was rocked by the worst terrorist act of America's history." It is ironic because Robertson is endorsing a cross dressing, pro gay marriage, pro choice, thrice married, avowed social liberal... within seven years of agreeing that abortionists, gays, the ACLU, and liberalism in general were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

By Robertson's own words following 9/11, having a liberal heathen like Giuliani govern America should result in all sorts of catastrophe wrought upon the land by a wrathful God. Has Robertson decided to do his level best to bring about the destruction of America, or is he now saying it is ok to have pro choice, gay marriage promoting, marital cheating, liberals leading us?

It seems to me that not only does Giuliani have some splainin' to do, but so does Robertson.

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