Friday, March 21, 2008

The Clinton Democratic Incongruity

The campaign of Senator Clinton has her making the rounds in Michigan calling for all the votes in that states primary, as well as Florida, to be counted. Senator Clinton is on a real freedom and democracy kick, claiming that not counting all of the votes would be un-American, an insult to democracy and everything Democrats stand for, and appealing to Senator Obama to come to his senses and stand against the forces of evil by siding with the Clinton campaign.

If the reader gets the sense that I am hardly convinced by the Clinton rationales on the Florida and Michigan debacles, the reader is absolutely correct.

I do hope the Clinton campaign remembers their appeal to count all of the votes and their take on the nature of democracy and the American way when it comes time to count all of the votes in the entire nomination. The only hope the Clinton campaign has is that the party bigwigs and back room dealers will over turn the express will of the voters in ALL of the primaries in order for the super delegates to let her steal the nomination from Senator Obama.

This seems disingenuous at best, and frankly seems more than a little desperate. The Clinton campaign has this great "come to Jesus" epiphany about the worthiness of counting all the votes in two states which they once agreed would not count, but has staked their entire campaign on a strategy which will depend on Clinton being chosen as the nominee despite not getting the majority of the votes.

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