Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Image Of God, Hooded, Standing On A Box With Hands Attached To Wires...

President Bush addressed a group of Christian Broadcasters yesterday and defended his misbegotten war in Iraq on religious grounds. Bush told the group that his actions were based upon the belief that freedom is a right given by God and “every human being bears the image of our maker.”

I just think it is perverse to frame the events in Iraq in these terms. Think of the images of human suffering which have attended this horrible war, and then imagine that the sufferer being photographed or taped is the image of God in that same circumstance. That is supposed to be inspirational? Think about the images of God in Abu Ghraib... That is what God would look like with a dog snarling and barking inches from his face... this is what God would look like tied over a bed frame with womens panties over his head.

I am frankly offended when anyone brings God into this on one side or the other. The other side calls upon God to a greater degree than does Mr. Bush. They send their suicide bombers into the public square with promises of paradise. How many people have heard the very last thing in their lives be a scream of Allahu Akhbar immediately prior to the suicide bomber blowing them to smithereens. It is a dark and ugly road which the President trods when he as a man sets himself as the arbiter of what is or is not God's will in the life and death of hundreds of thousands of people who are created in God's image. He has no more claim to righteous understanding than do I, or any other human being walking this planet. The only difference is that when Bush goes off half cocked with God as his copilot, people die by the hundreds of thousands.

How is it that the war is now framed as a struggle between freedom or tyranny? I don't recall this rally cry for freedom being a part of the the gameplan which the administration used in taking this nation to war in 2002. Quite frankly, this nation never would have accepted a war in Iraq based upon a call for the freedom of Iraqis, yet we find ourselves 5 years on and trillions in the hole with no end in site. Bush playing up his international freedom agenda, after the initial logic for the war was proven wrong, is disingenuous at best. Yet what else should we expect from a president who has a congenital defect which makes him the ultimate anti-Midas... everything he touches turns into crap.

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