Thursday, March 27, 2008

Right Wing Iraq Delusion Exposed In Real Time

You've really got to hand it to the stateside war cheerleaders. They have set all new standards for being absolutely bull headed in the face of incontrovertible evidence that they are just wrong. It has reached absurd levels now with President Bush concluding that the upheaval in Iraq demonstrates the rule of law and political stability at the grass roots level.

Glenn Greenwald (who is simply a blog superstar who can not be missed on a daily basis) destroys noted war pusher Fred Kagan for proclaiming on Monday that the civil war in Iraq was over. Fred actually had the temerity to say that people who did not see his truth would have a very hard time discussing Iraq "on the basis of reality". Hopefully you did not read that immediately after drinking a beverage, or you are probably having to clean off the monitor and keyboard following an enormous spit take.

Why anyone is taking these people seriously at this stage of the game baffles me. Why would a respected television program want to interview Kagan about Iraq after five solid years of uninterrupted and demonstrable stupidity.

John McCain parroted the pro-occupation talking points in the foreign policy speech he delivered just yesterday. Two full days into the latest upheaval in Iraq, he wound down his major foreign policy speech with a litany of security gains and political achievements which, McCain contends, never would have been realized without the troop surge. Even after it was readily apparent that a seismic upheaval was engulfing Iraq McCain could not adjust his talking points laden speech in order to account for reality on the ground. For war cheerleaders the surge of troops into Baghdad is used to explain events around the entire nation of Iraq. The truth is that most of what we were benefiting from was the result of bribery and short term political gamesmanship which was very tenuous and may cause real harm to our interests in the long run by funding, arming and training our avowed enemies.

The McCain speech simply continues a long and rich tradition of war cheerleaders being completely and demonstrably wrong about Iraq. Senator McCain is one of the brightest stars in the universe of wrong headed Iraqi policy wonks. McCain is the founding member of the school of war proponents who seek to demonstrate separation from the ongoing Bush disaster, not by being against the entire endeavor from the beginning, but by contending Bush wasn't ham handed enough from the start. They believe America should have thrown more troops into the quagmire which, if anything, is even more detached from reality than the Bush administration and their steady enablers have been from the beginning.

Meanwhile, if the report from the TimesOnline is true, not only are the war cheerleaders completely off base with the rosy outlooks, but we are witnessing a real threat to our puppet government. According to that report the Iraqi army is stalled and dealing with mass defections in Basra, the anti-Maliki Shiites are taking over neighborhoods in Baghdad and we are on the verge of a real meltdown. The Iraqi spokesperson for "the Baghdad security operation" was kidnapped and three of his bodyguards killed, which just about says it all from my perspective.

So this is peace, stability, and grass roots political achievement from the perspective of the right wing loons. I'm certain we'll all tune in tomorrow for the next talking points laden rose colored happy talk tall tale from the usual set of war cheerleaders... At some point maybe the nation will stop tuning in to those right wing fools, and then we can start taking the first steps towards ending this disaster. Or we can elect John McCain for at least another four years of the same old same old.

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