Friday, April 11, 2008

Bill, Bill, Bill...

Bill Clinton is causing his wife a headache by disinterring the corpse of Senator Clinton's Bosnia landing monster, and characterizing the events which gave birth to the monster in ways which do not comport with reality. In doing so, beyond causing the harm of resurrecting the monster, Clinton focused the spotlight on several issues which do not favor his wife.

From my perspective, this is ironic following my last post in which I found cause to celebrate an answer given by Senator Clinton. Just when I am able to finally find cause to give Clinton some praise, Bill has to go ruining it for me.

I heard some talking head say that the Limbaugh types would tell anyone who cares to listen that this type of prevarication and fantasy blather is not a new thing for the Clintons. This is what they have been doing the entire time.

Now the right wing noise machine may have a point when it comes to the famed Clinton bimbo eruptions. That is pretty much a given and I'll concede that point. In fact just the other day, when the Clinton campaign was making all the noise about Obama being unelectable because of the savagery of the Republican attack machine in the fall election, I told my wife that the Clintons must have cause to worry about the Republican hit operation in their own right.

Now TWL is an obscure little blog with no regular readers... people who happen across me are typically sent here by a google search. If I had any idea that I had wider visibility I would not dare make the following, completely unfair and unprovable assumption. In fact what I'm about to say comes as such a turnaround on my part, being a steadfast and hard core Clinton supporter for many years, that I'm having difficulty even bringing myself to actually go there. But here was the point I told my wife regarding the Republican hit machine if Senator Clinton wins the nomination.

Just using my own common sense, I find it impossible to believe that Bill Clinton has been entirely faithful to Hillary when it comes to monogamy in the last 8 years. If I were a Republican agent I would be extremely interested in unearthing that dirt. Maybe Bill has been able to hook up with entirely trustworthy and untouchable lasses who will keep their secrets. But quite frankly, I would not be the least bit surprised if a Hillary campaign were to find itself rocked in the fall by a bimbo eruption or two and if I am forced to turn in my good liberal card for having that thought, then so be it!

Having conceded the bimbo issue to the right wingers, I'm not sure that they can point to other such long term prevarication as we are witnessing day to day in the Clinton campaign. I was politically aware during the 90's, and I remember the incessant sniping from the right against the Clintons. Whitewater, travelgate, the Lincoln bedroom, the Christmas guest list... I remember all of that. And I must say that from my perspective there was not a whole lot there. The Republicans looked under every blade of grass and made full use of the bimbo problem to the point of impeaching President Clinton... In the end they were the ones who looked thuggish, petty and oft times like bald faced hypocrites.

What it comes down to is that I reject the presumed assertion by the Limbaugh types that we Democrats are only becoming cognizant of the inveterate dishonesty of Bill because it is being directed against one of our own. This may seem a bit incongruous following my giving voice to a suspicion that Bill is probably not completely chaste... but I calls them the way I sees them.

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