Thursday, April 03, 2008

Boehner's Bewildering Babbling Brings Bemusement

The Hill is reporting that House Minority leader John Boehner has declared his belief that Republicans will pick up House seats in the coming election. You read that correctly: Boehner predicts Republicans will actually gain seats in the House in this years election.

I'm not sure what Boehner is smoking, but it can't be legal.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has $5.1 million while the Democratic Congressional Committee has $38 million. To Boehner this financial discrepency presents no cause for concern though because he says Republicans do not need as much money as Democrats. They only need enough to "tell our story".

If Boehner keeps spouting off with delusional fantasies like this, he might have a point actually. At some point very soon the major news outlets are bound to start devoting plenty of free air time describing how the Republican House leadership appears to have taken leave of their senses for some unknown reason.

The Hill points out that today's fiscal happy talk from Boehner stands in opposition to his take on the issue when he is talking to House Republicans behind closed doors:
Earlier this year, he reportedly told House GOP lawmakers to get off their “dead asses” and raise more money for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).
If The Hill were not a respected source for political news I would swear this was lifted word for word from the Onion. Maybe Boehner has a fantastic sense of humor and was having a good time with a gullible reporter. Just check out the following quote and try to tell me it isn't one of the most humorous lines from a politician in recent memory:
Asked who was best suited to join McCain on the Republican ticket, Boehner said the running mate must be younger than McCain
Is there even a choice here? They would have to dig up a grave yard to find someone who didn't fit Boehners age criteria. I know McCain would love to have Reagan on the ticket but he just can't, because Boehner would not approve! McCainiacs around the nation must cringe every time their mans age becomes the topic of conversation, and here Boehner is just tossing it out there for no apparent reason than to give the rest of us a hearty laugh.

Anyone who has watched Boehner talk for any amount of time has to know he didn't intend for this to be funny. He is dour, hostile and at times weepy, but hardly a humorist. Which makes this even funnier from my perspective.

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