Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hillary Frikken NAILS It

My recent record regarding the Clinton campaign has hardly been favorable. In fact I've been downright hostile about Hillary lately. But today Senator Clinton turned on a softball question over the heart of the plate and blasted it out of the park.
At a news conference here, Mrs. Clinton was asked if she would keep to her promises on withdrawing troops, even if she is advised differently by military leaders on the ground.

“Well, let me just describe to you the way our system works,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Policy is set by the civilian leadership. The president of the United States sets the policy. Our military, and thankfully so, carries out the policy that is set. You ask the military for their best advice about how to implement the policy that you have
I have to say that this is one of the best answers to this line of questioning I've ever heard. You just have to respect that brutal honesty here. Senator Clinton must know that the Bush administration toadies will try to make it sound like she is going to destroy military morale and all that other blather we know is coming. But what Clinton says here is the gut level truth.

At least she has the veritable cajones to say this rather than taking the approach of President Bush: Loudly profess that he is guided by the counsel of his commanders, but sacking commander after commander until he finds one who parrots Bush's line of thinking, and then replacing that commander when his thinking changes again. I really want to believe that the military would respect a President who would take their advice and then reach his/her own decision, and then expect that policy to be implemented regardless. The commanders wouldn't need to worry that the President is going to sack them based upon a shifting political matrix. They just need to give their advice and do their jobs...

That is the way it really should be, and this was a positively stellar answer from Senator Clinton. Here's a thought which I've seen floating around the intertubes and which this answer reinforces from my perspective. Hillary Clinton would make a great Supreme Court Justice.

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