Friday, April 04, 2008

A Mirror Of "I'm Kwiziperzalcame Mulgomilimop, Crown Prince Of Nigeria"

We've all seen those scam emails from the bank manager or crown prince in some foreign country who needs your assistance to cash a large sum of money, and if you help them you will assuredly be rewarded with a percentage of the sum total. All you need to do is provide a good faith token of your trustworthiness by putting some money up front.

Well it turns out that not only are the foreign scam artists taking our money, but at least one of us seems to be returning the favor with a scam which defrauds the Nigerian government. McClatchey tracked down this veritable man bites dog story by using the Google to search for the name of one Kase Lawal.

One may wonder just why Mr. Lawal would deserve such a query by a McClatchey reporter in the Google? The answer my friends if because Lawal is one of the top fundraisers for Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

McClatchey reports that Lawal is the latest of several Clinton fundraisers to be found in a bit of a legal difficulty overseas. The list includes a Miami lawyer convicted of defrauding Cuba, a fugitive from China and Ray Jinnah... who filed for bankruptcy seven times between 1999 and 2001. That must be a record for default upon default.

Jinnah is on the FBI's featured fugitives list after fleeing to our stalwart ally in the war on terror, Pakistan. What is it about Pakistan and people who don't want to be found by American authorities? But I digress!

Niwal is the the owner of one of the worlds largest black owned businesses. There are many aspects to Niwal which remind me of this years presidential politics. He is well connected with the Clinton's, partly shares Senator Obama's ethnicity, and represents everything we loathe about the Bush regime by being a corrupt Texas oilman.

This all comes as quite a shock to the Clinton camp, who insist they intensively vet donors to catch these types of issues. Have the Clinton vetting people ever heard of the Google?

Finally, while I'm going off on the people who Clinton is associating with, let me put in my two cents on the Mark Penn met with Colombian officials to lobby for a trade agreement which Senator Clinton does not purport to support mini scandal.

What in the world keeps this guy on the Clinton campaign? He must have something that would really bury the Clintons. Penn is payed millions of dollars a month from a cash starved campaign and he can be counted upon to prove embarrassing to that campaign at least once a week. After all of the back biting and internecine warfare in the Clinton camp, with everyone else against him, even after Penn publicly threw the rest of the senior staff under the bus and then disavowed any control in the campaign at all immediately prior to their triumph in Texas and Ohio, he is still there. And still causing embarrassment for the Clintons!

Sarah Powers was sacked after saying Hillary was "a monster". She didn't mean a literal "monster" as in un-human beast of indeterminate species who eats children. She was speaking figuratively. Her comments did not cost any American their jobs excepting that she lost hers. That example stands in direct contrast to Penn, who is lobbying for a trade pact which would cost American jobs and have a real impact on the lives of thousands.

If he hangs on after this there MUST be a conspiracy involved. Penn has to have some real dirt on the Clintons and he's getting paid the big bucks to keep it under wraps. What other explanation could there possibly be at this point?

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