Friday, April 04, 2008

Now THIS Is An Apology

When I drive to and from work each day I tune into the local NPR. My drive home is the time slot taken by Canadian Broadcasting. During today's drive I listened to one of the most sincere apologies I have ever heard from any person. This apology is from a conservative member of parliament named Tom Lukiwski with whom I would tend to disagree on a political level. But the apology is so heartfelt and personal that I'm not even going to mention the trangression which warranted these words out of a sense of respect for the man. If you wish to click on the link above I'm certain you can find the back story.

Look at these words:
"Mr. Speaker, I would like to offer through you and to you to every member in the House my deepest apologies...

Therefore, I feel absolutely compelled that I must stand here today and publicly apologize to a number of people....

To say that I am ashamed is not putting it in context and certainly not putting it in strong enough terms....

All I can say is that I hope that over the passage of time, my apologies will be accepted....

The only explanation that I can give to you, Mr. Speaker, and to the members of this House, is that I was stupid, thoughtless, and insensitive. I am not using that as a defence...."

We have grown accustomed to pseudo apologies. The pleas for forgiveness if the words were taken the wrong way or the intent is misunderstood. But this is a real apology and I can tell you that the offended parties have accepted it. How could they not?

Mr. Lukiwski and I may not have the same political outlook, but I can tell you that he has my respect.

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