Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Weakest Clinton Argument Yet

Let me begin by acknowledging with appreciation a change in tone by the Clinton campaign of late. It seems that most of the eruptions are coming from stories which reach reporters regarding behind the scenes occurrences. Bill Clinton's blow up with the California super delegates was not intended for public viewing. The interaction between Hillary and Governor Bill Richardson, when he called to let her know he would support Obama, was not intended for TV. The Clinton campaign's supporters and surrogates, have every right to feel strongly one way or the other and can be expected to express themselves accordingly. It is only when they set about tearing up Obama on the national stage that I start really taking exception to their tactics. So from my little pipsqueak blog, let me acknowledge the recent civil public demeanor of the Clinton campaign with appreciation.

So let me get past the pleasantry and onto the business at hand, because when the logic posited by the Clinton campaign seeps from the smoke filled rooms into the general news cycle I believe it is fitting to respond. In the last couple of days we have heard a lot of news filtering out that the Clinton campaign are making appeals to super delegates based upon the logic that Senator Barack Obama is not electable in the general election.

Even if this were true (it is not) the logical conclusion would only serve to weaken the Clinton campaign. How is it that Senator Clinton is being beaten by a candidate who she says can not win? This argument may have made sense if they were positing it prior to Senator Clinton losing all these contests, but to go to the supers with the logic that she is being trounced by someone who can not beat McCain is just plain silly.

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