Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mystery solved.

If anyone cares, the mystery I speculated about here is solved. To recap that mystery, the steep drop in the death toll reported by the Baghdad morgue for August had been trumpeted by the American military as proving the effectiveness of the recent security crackdown. However ABC reporters blogging from Iraq had been astounded by a clarification by the morgue which tripled the number of deaths previously reported. I had wondered at what caused the discrepancy, and now that mystery has been solved. It turns out I was right to speculate that there were machinations at work to prove a point that really was not the case.

CNN is reporting that the official tally of "murders" as calculated by the U.S. military did not report people killed by "bombs, mortars, rockets or other mass attacks when it reported a dramatic drop in the number of murders in the Baghdad area last month". The military only counted people killed by drive by shooting, execution and torture.

Seriously, the Orwellian machinations of the people in power in pursuit of justification for their policies knows no bounds. The Iraqis killed by carbombs are not dying of heart attacks or strokes! Of course they were murdered. Give us a break here and stop acting like we are children being spoonfed this propaganda.

If anything, now the effectiveness of Operation Together Forward has been called into question because, taken in aggregate, the number of dead from violence in Baghdad did not fall at all. And any credibility once held by the military spokespeople who trumpeted the reduced murder figure now has been called into serious doubt by their own duplicity.

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