Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why veep may not be good enough for Obama

I posted here a couple of months ago that my dream ticket in 08 would be Al Gore/Barack Obama. If everything worked out precisely as I wish I'm convinced this ticket would be a winner, and a great platform for Obama to advance his Presidential ambitions. I've considered this for a bit HOWEVER, and can see some great reasons from Obama's perspective to run for the top of the ticket right now rather than taking the path I'm hoping he does.

If Obama hitches his team to the Gore bandwagon, by definition Obama is hitched to the fate of a Presidency he doesn't really control. If Gore turns out to be a failure, Obama's political future is ruined. I can understand why Obama would want to be judged upon his own merits, rather than the merits of events beyond his control. After all, the veep can not very well pound on the Presidents desk regarding a given policy with the argument that the veep's political life after the current administration is at stake...

Frankly the prospects for the next administration must be considered bleak. There are a plethora of problems the current administration seems to be unable to address. The over reaching nature of the Bush administration when it comes to the balance of powers may further erode the ability of future administrations to deal with the issues of the day as the Congress and Courts re-establish their checks in our system. Looking at this from the perspective of an idealistic young politician (or for that matter an idealistic seasoned pol *Hillary*) with the chance to make political history why would you want to rely upon the judgement of someone else during a very difficult time.

Consider as well the prospects for the next veep if the next administration is a huge success. The next President in my estimation has a chance at greatness. That chance is provided if the next President manages to successfully prosecute the war on terror while disengaging from Iraq at the same time. I believe the definition of greatness or catastrophic failure as applied to the Presidency depends on the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of the Presidents response to a great national emergency. There is a very good chance that the next President may achieve the status of greatness in the pantheon of his peers through enlightened leadership in a time of crisis. What then will be said of the veep when he takes the reins in a time of peace and prosperity due to the good service of his predecessor? Not much at all. Why wouldn't someone interested in greatness and confident in their ability want the job right now? Sure it will be difficult, but that's what makes the chance for greatness in the first place.

I still hold hope for a dream ticket of Gore/Obama. But on consideration of what may be going through Obama's mind, I wouldn't blame him for deciding that now is the time for his shot at Presidential history and greatness.

I wish to F Gore would run, but it's already getting late- the delegate wars are heating up, and Hillary & Edwards are pros with pro orgs. No more time to be coy and above the fray.

By the way, this "new direction" in Iraq BS is making me crazier than ever. Does nobody in DC understand "get out"? Not one more drop of anyone's blood bought with my money or in my name!!
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