Monday, June 18, 2007

Special Guest Post: Pride In Our Heritage Of Freedom

The following post is from my wonderful wife. I posted a picture of her and our new lil kitty a week or so ago.

Just so you know where she's coming from, my wife is a libertarian conservative. If she thought that Ron Paul had a chance to win the Republican nomination, she would vote for him in the primary and general elections with enthusiasm. She is also a Mormon, so she is predisposed to rooting for Mitt Romney to win... but there are several aspects to Romney that are not to her liking. She didn't particularly care for either candidate in 04, but she would not vote for George Bush so she reluctantly supported Kerry as the lesser evil. From this years crop of Democratic candidates she likes Obama the most, but positively loathes H. Clinton. When it comes to actually talking about the issues though, we do try to keep political arguing between ourselves to a minimum. I tend to be impassioned while she is more reserved, and doesn't like the hostility on display when I start ripping on the Bush administration. But there are times when we do get carried away in debate and she can argue like a cornered she devil when her buttons get pushed!

So with that little bit of an introduction into my wifes political take (from my perspective anyway) let me post her 1st effort at writing a blog post. She didn't want me to post it, but I wheedled her into sending it to me so I could... (Maybe I'll leave a comment about how this post came to be if anyone expresses an interest) Her article was untitled so I have taken the liberty of tossing on a title which seems appropriate:

My wifes 1st post: Pride In Our Heritage Of Freedom

I am a direct descendant of Patrick Henry, and I take great pride in that heritage. He earned his place among the founders of our country as one of the great voices inspiring the Revolution. He spoke the famous words, "give me liberty or give me death," which still inspire us over 200 years later. But now I believe that we're beginning to forget the principle behind that quote.

We live in a frightening world, and, especially since September 11, terrorism has loomed as a very real threat. Politicians have won favor by promising to protect us, and the government does indeed have a responsibility to "provide for the common defense." But as Patrick Henry pointed out, some things are worth dying for; the United States of America was founded upon that idea! We must not sit idly by and allow our freedoms to disappear in exchange for our safety. If we allow (or legalize) illegal wiretapping, if we suspend the right of habeas corpus, if we accept abhorrent tactics such as torture, we may manage to prevent a few acts of terrorism - but what then, once our liberty has been eroded and our principles destroyed? Do we seek mere survival, or does our great country stand for something more noble and essential? There are some sacrifices that we cannot make! Fear of attack and death is natural, but we should be even more motivated by a fear of losing the wonderful liberties that the Founders and many patriots since have fought to preserve. In the great words of Patrick Henry, "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

What an encouraging comment! I wish I knew for sure that I was a descendent of Patrick Henry.

If your wife does not vote for Ron Paul in the Republican nomination, he might not get it.

If your wife does vote for Ron Paul in the Republican nomination, her vote will be seen as part of the libertarian conservative voice and will be a beacon to her beliefs.

Ron Paul's hope is "liberty and life."
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